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Safety Action Plan

With project funding provided entirely by a federal grant and private donations, we are setting a goal for zero traffic deaths and severe injuries on our community’s roadways and pathways. Our Safe Streets for All (SS4A) Safety Action Plan will lay out the roadmap for safer, more connected streets and paths in Teton County. This SS4A project is a multi-year planning effort to identify transportation investments and projects that benefit everyone no matter how they get around. Our team will consider community ideas alongside safety data to make sure the project is identifying the most significant needs across the region. 

The launch of this SS4A Safety Action Plan is a significant step in the right direction. We will build on the County and Town’s extensive shared pathway network and transit system, while systemically assessing roadway factors leading to unsafe conditions, to make our vision a success.  

The SS4A Action Plan also sets us up to access federal implementation funding. The federal SS4A Grant Program, established by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, is distributing $5 billion in appropriated funds over 5 years, 2022-2026. This federal funding will provide resources to help Teton County and the Town of Jackson quickly implement potential projects and strategies identified in the Safety Action Plan. 

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Jackson Hole Presbyterian Church

3:00pm - 8:00pm  

Come learn and share your opinions about two major transportation projects in our Teton County.

1. Safe Streets for All Safety Action Plan 

2. Modernizing Mobility for West Jackson 

THE PURPOSE OF MODERNIZING MOBILITY FOR WEST JACKSON:  As we consider existing and future possibilities in the West Jackson Area, we need to understand what transportation connections, safety interventions, and infrastructure elements belong here. To better understand how to design West Jackson's transportation network, we want to understand what is most important to you. We invite you to provide feedback on the most concerning transportation issues and locations in West Jackson using this digital public workshop: https://modernizingmobility.konveio.com/ or in person on May 7th.