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When you think of potential disasters in Teton County, what one word comes to mind?

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Teton County Emergency Management (TCEM) is updating the all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for Teton County and the Town of Jackson. TCEM will engage the whole community in this planning effort, including community-based organizations and residents.

This page is devoted to engaging the community to develop an inclusive and comprehensive plan. Engagement in the planning process will result in more inclusive strategies during our response to a major emergency or disaster impacting Teton County.

Project Kick-Off

The Planning Team started the plan update by reviewing the current plan and other emergency management plans and policies, as well as considering ways to incorporate best practices and lessons learned since 2015.

Engage Whole Community Partners

The Planning Team will engage a diverse group of stakeholders and the public in the plan update through stakeholder interviews, a survey of community services providers, and quick surveys/updates through Engage Teton County.

Draft the Plan

The Planning Team is working to create an initial draft of the EOP plan update, integrating feedback from emergency support partners (listed below), community services providers, and the public.

Finalize the Plan

In June, emergency support partners will come together to conduct a discussion-based exercise of the plan using a real-life scenario. This exercise will result in an improvement plan and final EOP revisions.

Adopt the Plan

In the Summer of 2022, the Teton County Board of Commissioners and the Town of Jackson Town Council will review the EOP Update and be asked to formally adopt the plan.

Emergency Support Partners

Responding to a disaster may require resources, expertise, and support from departments, organizations, and individuals across the community. The following agencies serve in key Emergency Support Function roles in Teton County:

  • Teton County departments, including Clerk’s Office, Emergency Management, Health Department, Information Technology, Public Information, Public Works, Road and Levee, Search and Rescue, and the Sheriff’s Office
  • Town of Jackson departments, including Finance, Information Technology, Police, Public Information, and Public Works
  • Energy Conservation Works Jackson Hole
  • Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce
  • Jackson Hole Fire and EMS
  • Regional Emergency Response Team 8
  • Teton Conservation District

Many other partners serve in essential supporting roles, including:

  • Businesses and major employers
  • Community-based organizations and nonprofits
  • Healthcare providers
  • Land management agencies
  • Utilities and infrastructure owners/operators
  • State agencies
  • Volunteer groups, and more!